4 Wheel Drive Services

Every vehicle will need some 4WD services at some point. If you’re using your recreational vehicle like you should, there will come a time Inside Four To Go when you’ll need to find a reputable shop.

Maybe you need a little more clearance to get over that rock or need a little deeper gear ratio to get up that mountain pulling a heavy trailer? If so, we’ve got you covered. Maybe your truck’s front end has a little wobble that needs to be addressed? Whatever the issue, Four To Go can help.

Four To Go technicians have over 50 years of experience testing, repairing and upgrading vehicles. Four To Go specializes in Jeep and truck accessories, repairs and upgrades. Below is a list of shop services we offer. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it will give you a good idea of our capabilities.

Suspension / Suspension Kits

  • Leveling Kits for trucks – Tired of the front end of your truck sitting low or looking like it is taking a nose dive? Easily fixed on most vehicles with a leveling kit. Many options and ideas are available.
  • Lift Kits – full suspension kits for trucks – Looking to get a little more ground clearance, clear a larger set of tires or need new suspension components? A lift kit could be the answer to get the ground clearance, to clear the tires and still keep your vehicle driving great.
  • Jeep Lift Kits – With Jeeps being the vehicle modified the most, there are thousands of options to get clearances and more articulation. If you want the ‘look’ or the functionality Four To Go can help with both.
  • Vehicle riding a little bouncy? – Shock replacements are available through a number of different manufactures depending on your uses.

Need new tires? Want different wheels … Four To Go can be the ‘one stop shop’ to get the lift and tires/wheels.


Gear Changes

Got the bigger tires and now getting the trail is a bit tougher? Towing that trailer that is a little heavier than expected? Perhaps your vehicle needs a different gear ratio. Four To Go has many years of experience setting up gears, getting the right backlash and wear patterns. Need some traction control? All different types of Differential Lockers are available and easily installable when changing the gear ratio.


4WD Repair

That snow storm is coming eventually, does your 4WD work? Four To Go has vast knowledge is how most systems work and what plagues many vehicles.


Driveline Repair

Diagnosing and Repairing drivelines/drive shafts – or – upgrading in Jeeps for higher clearances


Axel Upgrades

Some Jeep owners are looking for more durable axels in their Jeeps to handle the bigger tires and more abuse sustained on the trails. We have stronger, more durable options.


Front End Repair

  • Light duty trucks / Jeeps – fixing/upgrading ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings.
  • Steering stabilizers – Factory stabilizers don’t last forever, but new ones are easy to change out… Four To Go has them available in many different configurations and brands.
  • Hydraulic Assist Power Steering Upgrades – getting stuck on the trail? Have the awful ‘death wobble’? Power steering not handling the bigger tires? Sometimes Hydro assist steering is the option and Four To Go has lots of options for you.
  • Brakes / Rotors – Those factory brakes only last a little while? The rotors warped? Too much weight on the wheel for the factory brake system? Four To Go can do factory type replacements or, for most vehicles, there are performance options available.

Installation of aftermarket accessories purchased through Four To Go

Not sure how to install those overload kits, or that tonneau cover? Four To Go installs all the parts sold through our store.