“Building the most advanced machines in the world is in our DNA,” – Textron. Textron Off Road is a part of a huge company called Textron. They own such companies as Cessna, Bell Helicopter, Beechcraft, Textron Ground Support Equipment, E-Z- Go, Dixie Chopper and Cushman to name a few. Quality, innovation, power, performance, and precision engineering are must haves in a company that chooses to be in the industries they are. Mistakes in the air travel or military fields can be disastrous and Textron rises to the occasion time after time with new creations, new vehicles and new technology.


“Textron is a $14.2 billion, multi-industry company employing 35,000 talented makers, thinkers, creators and doers worldwide. We make things that fly, hover, zoom and launch. Things that move people. Protect soldiers. Power industries. We serve customers in industries spanning aerospace and defense, specialized vehicles, turf care, fuel systems, and tools and test equipment.” Textron re-invests millions of dollars every year to re-engineer, to create and innovate new products. In 2017 alone Textron added a new airplane to the Cessna line, they acquired Arctic Cat and re-branded the dirt line into Textron Off Road AND introduced a new unit, the HAVOC. In the Bell Helicopter line they made incredible strides in developing vertical lift flying machines; finally, in Textron Systems they unveiled a new Landing Craft for the U.S Marine Corps and U.S Navy. Textron truly makes effort to be the best in every industry they enter and they aren’t afraid to engineer, test, re-engineer until the product is right. Textron has spent years to be in their current position.

A little history on the Textron Off Road line … in 2003 the company, operated under the name Bad Boy, was selling electric powered and hybrid gas/electric 4WD vehicles. In 2010 Textron assumed Bay Boy and continued with innovation and creation of the electric and hybrid vehicles. In 2016 Textron introduced their full gas powered 80HP vehicle called the Stampede with untouchable performance made for the hunter and outdoorsman. In 2017 Textron made incredible strides by acquiring Arctic Cat and expanding their offerings by incredible numbers. Also, in the 2017 Textron introduced the Havoc with the German engineered motor and amazing capabilities both working and playing.


“At Textron Off Road, we’re proud of our past and driven by our future. We put precision-tuned, heavy- duty engines into side-by- sides and ATV’s. We help Americas hardest workers get the job done and give adrenaline rushes to the adrenaline junkies by extending the freedom of the road to the off-road. It’s all built on family tradition: Power, Performance, and Precision Engineering.”