Looking for a Triton Trailer?

Looking for a Triton Trailer?

If you are looking for a Triton Trailer, Four To Go can help you find the right one, at the right price. Our customers often purchase top-of-line ATV’s and UTV’s. Most often, customers are also looking for a reliable trailer to haul their new toys. Without reservation, we suggest Triton Trailers.

TC Series

Looking for a Triton Trailer?One of the most popular Triton snowmobile trailers is the 2 Place TC Series which is an enclosed/hybrid trailer. An enclosed/hybrid gives you all the great features of an enclosed trailer – with an aerodynamic design. They are perfect for snow or other seasonal uses. The Bullnose feature allows for full interior utilization to accommodate long track sleds and other cargo. A tie down system made specifically for snowmobiles comes with each trailer. The TC also features 5/8″ marine grade plywood flooring which is fully treated for years of heavy use. It also has a fully accessible front door to access gear, gas cans and a sled, all while keeping road grime off your clothes.

AUT Series

Another series from Triton is the AUT series all aluminum Utility trailer. These trailers are versatile enough to haul just about triton trailersanything and range is size and load capacity to fit your needs. The all aluminum construction makes the trailers light enough to move around and tow easily, all while being strong enough to last for years. You have choices of straight or bi-fold ramps / full length channels for adjustable tie down options, molded in rubber LED lights to reduce vibration noise. There are many ‘extra’ features that can also be added. Extra features include trailer brakes, a side or front stone rail kit, a spare tire and spare tire storage brackets and other tie down options. The AUT series varies in length from 8’ to 16’ lengths. The bigger the trailer the bigger the weight carrying capacity.

Why Triton?

Triton is a leading manufacture of aluminum, light-weight trailers that are built to last. Since 1975 Triton has been creating trailers that can stand up to the demands of their customers. Triton stands behind their products with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Their trailers are designed using over 40 years of engineering experience. When a new trailer is designed, it is put through a rigorous testing process to confirm it can do as advertised. Triton trailers are incredibly durable. Their lightweight trailers are proven to hold up to intense use and yet are easily moveable. Triton builds with pride and strives to continue to lead in innovation, always keeping their customers adventure-focused lifestyle in mind.

Why Four To Go?

Four To Go is Colorado’s oldest 4wd accessory dealer. We have over 50 years of combined experience in 4 wheeling and accessorizing trucks and SUV’s. Four To Go specializes in 4 wheel modifications which include, suspension, gears and lockers, recovery and rock protection. We have a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of accessorizing vehicles including performance upgrades, bug shields, steps, bed protection and more. Four To Go not only sells and installs quality 4 wheeling products, we also use the products we sell. We are active in the local 4 wheel community and have been hitting Colorado and Utah trails for many years. Four To Go believes in taking care of our customers. We hope you’ll stop by our showroom/garage in Wheatridge. Or, give us a call M-F at 303-421-5876.

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